Who might want to wear a Denali Personal Listening System (PLS) unit?

Those who find it difficult to hear in a crowded room or in a smaller group environment, those who can’t hear high frequency sounds clearly (like birds singing outside), can watch and listen to television at a normal volume level, hear soft sounds or perhaps those who just need a little sound amplification to help make distant speakers sound closer. Denali PLS units are designed to help those who need a boost to listen to the people and the world around them.

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Denali PLS units are not designed to replace Hearing Aids. They are not custom “fitted” (an audiologist’s term which means custom tuned or programmed to your specific hearing profile determined after a medical hearing test, not how it physically matches or fits into or over your ears). The FDA is very protective of the Hearing Aid industry, GHS makes every effort to abide by all FDA guidelines and encourage those who need custom fitted Hearing Aids to seek a hearing professional for a proper medical evaluation. No Hearing Aid or Denali PLS unit can cure the medical condition known as “tinnitus” or “ringing in the ears”, we encourage those who suffer from this medical condition to see a board certified Neurotolgist or ENT Doctor.

Why purchase a Denali PLS unit?

1. Our Denali PLS pre-programmed units have four profiles in memory (selectable by the user) that have been evaluated by professionally trained and highly experienced medical audiologists as applicable to the widest majority of listening needs. Profile ONE is general amplification, Profile TWO is for Parties, environments with lots of background noise, Profile THREE is designed specifically for telephone, cellphone and walkie-talkie use, Profile FOUR is for distant speakers like a concert, lecture, church, etc.

2. Your GHS Dealer will allow you to wear the units on Before You Buy so that you can personally evaluate the Denali PLS listening experience for yourself and select the unit that works best for your specific needs.

3. No medical wavier is required.

4. If you find the experience of wearing a Denali PLS beneficial, you can take a unit or units home with you immediately, there are no Medical office visits or waiting for a unit to be custom programmed specifically for your use.

5. You will find that Denali PLS units require a dramatically lower investment, which becomes even more appreciable when you decide to wear two units (one for each ear) or decide to retain a spare unit.

6. One year warranty on parts and labor under normal use. Liquid intrusion and Crush damage are not covered under the warranty program.

Where are Denali PLS units made?

Denali Person Listening System units are proudly Made in the USA by Americans. Developed by American Audiologists, Scientists and Technicians. The product line is named after the highest point in North American, Denali ( also known as Mt. McKinley ) means “The Great One” by the Koyukon Athanbaskan people who live in this Alaskan region. Our aspiration, like our chosen name implies is to be rise above all others – in technology, quality, sales and service to our dealers and customers.

How do PLS units differ from Hearing Aids?

Hearing Aids are dispensed exclusively by a medical professionals such as an Audiologist, ENT Doctor or Neurotologist. They are custom programmed/fitted or tuned to your specific single hearing profile after a hearing test and physical examination in a medical office or state licensed hearing center.

Denali PLS units do not require a Doctor’s office or Hearing Center appointment, audiogram or wait for a custom profile to be programmed into a one of a kind unit prepared just for the customer. Think of it as an “off the rack” suit versus a custom tailored suit, aside from the significant price difference, the custom suit is made exactly for your measurements and any variances that your body may have from “average”. Denali PLS units are programmed to benefit over 80% of those who wear them with a better listening experience while saving them up from 200%-500% over the cost of custom programmed hearing aids.

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